Course: Long Term Project Development

The course ended with a photobook I called croak.

This was a one-year, part-time course at SPAO, that started in June of 2019. It got sidelined by the pandemic a bit, but after a time with no classes at the Centre, we finished off the course in our instructor (Tony Fouhse)’s back yard in the fall of 2020.

Tony Fouhse, sharing his back yard, makes a point about fellow student Mark Mongeau’s image selection . (This method of exhibition shows promise).

So, the book, croak, is not great. I wrote: “This project coughed and sputtered every step of the way through its creation. It lacked direction and clear thought. It came together reluctantly, under pressure, and imperfectly. It is as a learning-to-learn experience that its value is highest. I understand that this is a selfish consideration, but, bruised and battered as it is, it’s a start.”

I loved the experience. It was a different way to look at photography, for me, and it has made me think more about why and when I decide to press the shutter.